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Chair’s reports

Immigration Emergency Rooms

Constituency Offices and Assistants as the Front Line of Immigration in Canada

By Danièle Bélanger, Laurence Simard-Gagnon et Adèle Garnier
In collaboration with Gabriel Bergevin-Estable

See the report (pdf)

(in French)

L’apprentissage du français chez les immigrants temporaires en emploi à Québec

By Stéphanie Arsenault, Alessandra Bonci et Samantha Giroux

This report, written in collaboration with Édiq, is the result of research carried out as part of the PARTEMP project.

See the report (pdf)

(in French)

De l’urgence de colmater les brèches

Plaidoyer pour une politique d’accueil cohérente et exhaustive des immigrants temporaires au Québec

By Chenour Oechslin et Danièle Bélanger

The data in this research report were collected as part of a MITACS Accelerate internship, from July to November 2022, in collaboration with the Centre Multiethnique de Québec and the PARTEMP project.

See the report (pdf)