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Wisnique Panier

Winisque Panier,

Wisnique Panier has a PhD in public communication, obtained at the Université Laval Department of Information and Communication.

His research focuses on the digital transformation of the Haitian media system. He is particularly interested in determining the impacts of the use of digital technologies on the operation of Haitian radio stations in their relations with each other and with other actors in the Haitian radio system such as: the public (local and the diaspora), the source information and financing sources. He is interested in the use of the media by Haitian immigrants to stay in permanent contact with Haiti, to learn about everything that happens in Haiti in real time. He has a specific interest in communication or media dimension of transnationalism, the participation of members of the Haitian diaspora in the national public deliberation of Haiti from their host country. He is a founding member of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies on Haitian Media (CEIMH) and author of The deontology of the media against the power of money: the case of Haiti and France.