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Danièle Bélanger

Danièle Bélanger, Chairholder

Danièle Bélanger

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I have been a full professor for the Department of Geography at the Université Laval since 2013. With the help of an amazing team of students, I work at developing the academic content and knowledge related to the global migration processes. Both conceptual and empirical, our work, undertaken in various regions of the world, is built on the Canada Research Chair in Global Migration Processes goals.

I completed my academic studies in demography and sociology at the University of Ottawa, at Paris V, at Paris Nanterre University and at the Université de Montréal. From 1997 to 2013, I was a professor for the Department of Sociology at the University of Western Ontario in London (Ontario, Canada). There, I created lectures on qualitative research methodology and migration issues. During my time at Western Ontario, I acted as director of the Graduate Program in Migrations and Ethnic Relations. I also held the Canada Research Chair in Population, Gender and Development (Tier 2 Chair). The research program of this first chair allowed me to study the mobility of the workforce, migrants in precarious situations and the impact of migration politics on the rights of migrants and woman migration through international field work. These projects received the financial support of the SSRHC and the IDRC. In Southeast Asia, I undertook many projects that required field work in Vietnam, thus becoming fluent in Vietnamese over the years. I also did some field research in Mexico, Turkey and a number of Asian countries.