Solidarity Beyond the longest border

This film tells the compelling story of how local communities deal with the arrival of nearly four million Syrians at their doorstep. Shot in the City of Izmir, the film features the perspectives and experiences of Turkish citizens working alongside Syrians, volunteering in associations providing help to migrants or stepping in to protect the lives of Syrian children. These vibrant testimonies of solidarity and hope reveal grass-root social and political processes at work in Turkish society.




Director : Eylem Sen
Script: Danièle Bélanger and Eylem Sen
Assistance to the director: Erbil Sen
Editors: Eylem Sen, Sercan Bozdogan, Kubilay Aksun
Sound editor: Mural Elgun

A production of the Canada Research Chair in Global Migration Processes, with funding from the Social Science Research Council of Canada

Currently available in Turkish with English subtitle.

2019, 33 min.


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If you wish to screen Solidarity Beyond the longest border in the presence of the writer Danièle Bélanger, or with the participation of one of the Canada Research Chair in Global Migration Processes affiliate researchers at your school, university, organization or workplace?

We can organise a screening debate:

    • Introduction to the process that led to the making of the film.
    • Film projection.
    • Conclusion and question period.

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